What is Rave?

Nov. 24, 2020 // krow

What is rave?


Humankind always found a way to get high, no matter what. Predators, hostile tribes, strategic relationships. Not only mankind. Even animals get high with different chemicals.

For example, dolphins are taking turns with pufferfish.

Mammals eat fermented fruits to get drunk.



Do you drink coffee? Do you smoke cigarettes? Do you drink some alcohol to take the edge off the day? It all seems like normal shit we always do on our daily lives. Caffeine, it’s the most common stimulant consumed all across the world. Nicotine, even it’s withdrawal is shit, nearly 1,5 billion people smoke cigarettes regularly. In global extent, people drink 6,4 liters of ethanol annual. That means 54 bottle of wine for everybody, every year. Even statistics show us that, everyone try to get high. Why do we even stigmatize who are using drugs to enjoy life more? Yes, you can enjoy life without drugs. You can run without shoes, but should you? According to researches, drinking alcohol every week is worse than occasionally use of MDMA. MDMA, Ketamine, LSD, Psylocibin Mushrooms, Mescaline, DMT, and 2-CB, even PCP can be milestone to treating the depression, PTSD and anxiety.

Psychoactive substances are not only for humans. Nearly all of animals prefer them, consume them, get high and forget about the struggle of survival. In our civilization, people seem to be “junkies” if they are trying to get high, but it’s normal animal behavior. Nearly every animal does that.


What is rave actually?

Illegal parties at warehouses, basements, boiler rooms. Smell of sweat, mint gum, MDMA, Ketamine, Cannabis. Dilated pupils, grinding each other, having wonderful night. Loud high BPM electronic music. Lots of sweat. Lots of drugs. Dim lights, strobe lights, blacklights. Lines that snorted at toilets, MDMA parachutes that made while dancing. Snorting sounds of people from stall to your next. Everyone is friendly, everyone is decharging the stress of their daily life. But at what cost?


“How intense you fly, that intense you fell.” That was the last thing my friend said to me before overdosing from heroin. In raves, everyone escapes from their problems, their family, taboos, relationship problems, depression, anxiety, traumas, routines. We risk our lives, money and freedom to get crumbs of seratonine and dopamine. But we can’t do it otherwise. We live to party, have fun, forget about yesterday and tomorrow, live for today. Pop them pills, have fun, have meaningles conversation with other ravers, smoke tons of cigarettes, go home and get ready to work while you are having comedown, with no sleep, with no energy. Listen to birds chirping at the morning while you are trying to sleep. Rinse and repeat.


Even all the negative sides, I love raving. I love being part of a loving community that will support you no matter what. That you can be yourself without even having a second doubt. We welcome all, we love all, we will support all.

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