Vahit The Mad

July 7, 2020 // dante

In the cult "Art", which traces art from Plato to Tarkovski, from ancient times to contemporary art theories, France Farago suggests that the art that has opened itself to us in new forms along with modernity rises on two ancient principles: seeing and transcending what is visible. According to Farago, what Modernity does is to remind us of this situation again. This reminder or the new creation process is different from the previous ones. Artists use all the resources that modernity offers in the golden tray and rise on these vehicles. They rise and exceed the current situation.

This is exactly what Bursali Deli Vahit does. Bursalı Deli Vahit demonstrates that he applies both principles (seeing and transcending what is visible) while creating wonders with the organ, a gift of modernity. While Dionysian is in a ecstasy, he goes down to his original particles and transcends life like a hyperanthropos with art. Notice that between 03:12 and 03:22 the following are said for the Crazy Vahit of Bursa:

Pasha Vahit!
Crazy Revelation!
Surpassed himself!