the religion that almost every people believe

Aug. 20, 2021 // dante

This religion is fear. Yeah, most people fear from anything they can.

Maybe it will sound odd, because this blog is named as,

I truly believe in the existence of a god, but I have no fear about it.
My belief depends on nothing but embracing of it's existence.

Because deep deep down...

far far in...

I know that,

I am basically simply the fabric and structure of it's existence itself.

I just need to remember that every day;
Thinking about what the future will be, or what will happen to me,

will prevent me from seeing the blessings what god has given me.

(Happy Day, Painting by Monika Luniak)

If you're one of those people who can break their chains,

If you are the one of those people who don't fear almost anything;

followers of "the religion of fear" will see you as a devil, evil being.

Then, can you guess absurdly what will happen? They will start to fear from you too.

I really want to say that I have no fear of this devil inside me