April 25, 2021 // dante

Every living creature that has been born begins to die from the day it came to world.

Humanity's search for civilization, its search for a cover to its increasing heresy, its efforts to restrain itself, its epics and stories are all about this. What the civilized person keeps secretly is that this disorder can never be cured. When people reproach the inability to restrain themselves, which they see in an ignorant person, they are more celled because they actually feel more of their own disorder. This person would be also upset that he/she is not able to experience this disorder to its full extent.

Should people accept this disorder and succumb to it? Should this disorder deter the promises he/she made to his god, which he/she created for auto-control? Let's remember Skyrim's great dragon and Illidan. Does a bad person have to be bad or corrupt by nature? Which one is more sublime, someone who already has as much ethical values ​​as the driven snow or who knows the bad inside and does not take action and overcome it?